Multifamily Talent Strategy Course

Multifamily Talent Strategy Course

Attract top candidates, drive more sales, and a better resident experience with great teams. Improve employee engagement, reduce turnover, and grow your portfolio!

Multifamily Talent Strategy Course
  • Welcome to the Talent Acquisition Strategy Course

    Learn the essential strategies for successful talent acquisition in this course.

    Topics Include:
    Lead Generation
    Evolution of Recrutiting
    Sourcing Talent
    Job Posting
    Facebook Advertising Tools
    Job Fair Success
    Social Media
    The Employee E...

  • Decision vs. Commitment

    "It's not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, it's what we do consistently." Anthony Robbins 

  • Strategy Overview

    Where HR transformation is taking us.

  • Lead Generation Section Overview

    Learn about lead generation techniques.

  • Evolution of Recruiting

    In this video, we explore the history of the recruitment advertising industry and how this has an impact on your ability to get attention in a noisy world. 

  • Technology

    Understand that leaders that leverage technology to help them make better connections and engage people will win. Attracting top talent requires great technology and insight. It is not designed to replace the human element. 

  • Recruiting

    Learn strategies for recruiting top talent.

  • Sourcing Talent

    Learn how to source the best candidates.

  • The Job Post

    A Job post is an advertisement and should ​include compelling content to attract the right applicants to your company. Go beyond descriptions and responsibilities to engage winning candidates. 

  • Job Post Data on Apply Rates

    A Job post is an advertisement and should ​include compelling content to attract the right applicants to your company. Go beyond descriptions and responsibilities to engage winning candidates. 

  • Where to Advertise

    How to write a job description Link to how to write a job description

    Creating Top-Notch Job Content Download eBook

    There are many choices to getting attention to your job posts. You will need to evaluate each board independently of your goals and expectations. For Multifamily, Check out wh...

  • Facebook Advertising Tool

    The most comprehensive and only tool you'll ever need regarding successful Facebook advertising.

  • Job Fair Success

    Tips for engaging with top talent at job fairs.

  • Marketing the Brand - Overview

    An employer brand is something every organization has, whether it is intentionally being marketed as such or not. The way people talk about an organization, in person or through online social channels, creates a reputation that tells your story. What does your employer brand look like?

  • What do we talk about?

    Employer branding is a promise you make to your current and future employees. Make it easy for them to tell a compelling story about your organization's values. The more compelling your brand story is, the less convincing you'll need to attract top talent. Leverage the resources you already have ...

  • Making Brand Ambassadors of Employees with Cyndy Trivella

    Cyndy Trivella began her career in Human Resource Marketing and Communications on Madison Avenue in New York City. Prior to that, she worked in corporate human resources as a training and development coordinator. Cyndy has multiple years of media planning, along with corporate and employer brandi...

  • Social Media & Digital Strategies

    Learn about Social Media & Digital Strategies

  • The Employee Experience

    Why the Employee Experience matters and the path an employee takes within an organization.

  • Assessment for the Ideal Candidate

    86 percent of best-in-class organizations used validated assessments in the pre-hire stage. The research group defines those top companies based on data including performance review ratings, successors identified for key positions and average year-over-year improvement in hiring manager satisfact...

  • Beat the Industry Average

    Engaged employees deliver greater productivity, better resident service, superior maintenance services, and more innovative marketing. Every disengaged employee, on the other hand, can mean your organization is missing out on $10,000 in annual profits.

  • Why Bother with Employee Engagement?

    The definition of employee engagement, how and why it impacts your organization.

  • Top Drivers of Engagement

    Understand the Top 5 drivers of engagement and why they matter so much.

  • Dealing with Disengagement

    Learn how to handle those employees who are actively disengaged with your organization.

  • What is Disengagement Costing You

    Do you have any idea what exactly a disengaged employee costs you? Find out here.

  • When to Fire

    Firing an employee is never an enjoyable process, but it is sometimes necessary. Learn best practices leading up to and the act of firing an employee.