Multifamily Shows

Multifamily Shows

The most innovative minds in Multifamily share real stories as only they can. Featuring original content and shows across Innovation, Technology and Leadership.

Multifamily Shows
  • Scaling Brands - Staffing & Training Maintenance Teams

    Join Patrick Antrim as he takes the crew behind the scenes at the maintenance training facility for The Phoenix Staffing in beautiful San Diego, California. Get a first-hand tour of the facility, hear from training experts, and see what they're doing to recruit and equip the next-generation maint...

  • America Rents Official Trailer

    This is the official trailer for the America Rents documentary. The American dream of homeownership gives way to a new definition of wealth, a shift in how we live and rent in America.

  • Managing Investments Through the Coronavirus Pandemic

    CFO Walter Clarke discusses how to manage your investments through the global Coronavirus pandemic. Get in touch with Walter at

  • Impactful Leadership
    Movie + 3 extras

    Impactful Leadership

    Movie + 3 extras

    Impactful Leadership Course by Jessica Fern

  • The SmartRent Show | Smart Home Automation for Multifamily

    In this show, we show Multifamily Owners and Managers how to make wise decisions with smart home technology. Watch this show if you want to lease faster, save money and avoid catastrophes with smart home automation. Learn more about Smart home automation for property managers and renters at https...

  • Show Opener - One East Camelback

    Watch this show recorded live on the day 1 experience at the 2019 Multifamily Women’s Summit. Multifamily Leadership designed an offsite experience for attendees to get to share time together in a fun and entertaining way. Attendees traveled in a private charter to an unforgettable stop to experi...

  • A Dinner Talk with the Checkpoint ID Team

    Join us for dinner as we talk with the Checkpoint ID team. Grab a chair at our table as we explore casual conversations with Checkpoint ID's CEO, Terry Slatery, Chief Innovation Officer, Ryan Antrim, and the Checkpoint ID Data Scientist Y Tran. To learn more about Checkpoint ID visit https://che...

  • The Village at Pebble Creek

    Come along the journey with us at Multifamily Studios and watch the development as we follow the Village at Pebble Creek, a single-family rental concept located at the southwest corner of Pebble Creek Parkway and West Virginia Avenue. It allows renters the convenience and privacy of a house with ...

  • A Dinner Talk with Jessica Fern

    We talk about innovation and all the trial and errors that come with successful failure. Jessica talks about her program Rise and Fail - a program that's all about how to successfully create a culture that supports successful failure.

  • Dinner Talk with Sara Potecha

    Patrick shares some time with the author of "West Point Woman," Sara Potecha.

    One of Patrick's visions around exploring ideas and knowledge from leaders around the world is extracting their wisdom as if you attended a local event or conference and went to dinner with an innovator and shared t...