Impactful Leadership

Impactful Leadership

Impactful Leadership Course by Jessica Fern

Impactful Leadership
  • Impactful Leadership Episode 1

    Jessica shares her training on what it means to be a legendary leader. Being a good leader all starts with you. Jessica will dive into what it means to be a good leader, dive into values and work towards a collective purpose.


  • Impactful Leadership Episode 2

    Jessica will focus on the "You" part of your leadership journey. Leadership is about people that drive your success. It all starts with us, and our dedication to getting better.

  • Impactful Leadership Episode 3

    Jessica shares her training on values as drivers. Values are at the forefront of everything we do. Join Jessica as she walks you through a values exercise.

  • Impactful Leadership Episode 4

    Jessica shares her training on creating understanding. Learn the strategies to create understandings and learn about how to improve your results without convincing people.