Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Emotions influence our thinking and our thinking then impacts our behaviors. Yet, many of us are oblivious to how our emotional state is impacting our effectiveness.

Sara Potecha is a best-selling author, speaker, and Executive Coach. She has studied Emotional Intelligence for over 20 years and coached literally hundreds of individuals to greater levels of emotional competence.

Her engaging series puts you on course to higher personal and professional success as an Emotionally Intelligent Leader.

The series consists of ten concise and impactful shows:

1. Defining Emotional Intelligence (EI)
2. Why Mood Matters
3. How Your Brain Works
4. EI Components and Traits
5. Gender, Age, Race & EI
6. Four Common Threats to Your Mood
7. Emotional Learning
8. EI Development
9. Emotionally Focused Leaders
10. Ways to Grow and Connect

Through this series you gain:

The latest research and insights of the top practitioners in the field of Emotional Intelligence.

Knowledge on how your mood is directly connected to the financial performance of your team, department or firm.

Insight into how your brain works. How it stores emotional experiences and forms deep-seated habits.

Actions to mitigate four common threats to your emotional state

Practical tools to rewire your emotional habits and,

Insight into emotionally focused leadership

As a masterful storyteller, Sara intersperses personal anecdotes highlighting when moods ruled and when they were mastered. By completing her program, you become a more impactful leader, adept at harnessing emotional and social awareness to scale new heights of performance and success.

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Emotional Intelligence


  • Why Mood Matters

    Think your mood doesn't affect anyone else? Think again! In this show, Sara discusses how impactful your mood is on yourself, others, and productivity in general.

  • How Your Brain Works

    Learn the science behind what is triggering your moods and whether or not you should trust that gut feeling you sometimes get in sticky situations.

  • Components of Emotional Intelligence

    Learn about the various components of Emotional Intelligence, how they all work together, and the benefit to your daily life.

  • Gender, Age, Ethnicity and EI

    Sara discusses whether or not gender, age, and/or ethnicity make an impact on one's Emotional Intelligence.

  • 4 Common Threats to Your Mood

    Learn about the 4 most common threats to your mood and how to handle those threats as to not get derailed in life.

  • Emotional Learning

    Learn about how habits and neural circuitry are actually formed and how that impacts you as an adult.

  • Emotional Intelligence Development

    Sara shares her unique methodology for developing your Emotional Intelligence for personal and professional success.

  • Emotionally Focused Leaders

    Sara discusses how emotionally focused leaders can impact the entire path of an organization.

  • Connect and Grow

    Learn how to connect with Sara to continue to grow in your discovery of Emotional Intelligence.