2021 Multifamily Women® Summit

2021 Multifamily Women® Summit

The 2021 Multifamily Women® Summit is the highest level women’s summit in the apartment industry. Period. We aim to create a bigger and better future for women in Multifamily and extract the knowledge from Executive Women in Leadership and inspire emerging leaders with our thought leadership platform offering a new model for personal and professional transformation.

2021 Multifamily Women® Summit
  • Opening Remarks

    Carrie Antrim shares some opening remarks to kick off the 2021 Multifamily Women® Summit.

  • Focusing Your Mind to Achieve Your Goals

    Author, Teacher, Neuroscientist, Real Estate Investor, Dr. Cari Skrdla shares information about the mindset quotient and how to focus your mind in order to achieve your goals.

  • The Argument Hangover

    You know that feeling right after an argument? You feel kind of sick to your stomach, your head is buzzing, and you're zoned out. You regret what you said or how you said it, and you're hurt by their actions as well. Almost like a food or alcohol hangover, right?

    Aaron and Jocelyn Freeman, your...

  • Evening Remarks

    Carrie and Patrick Antrim shares some opening remarks to kick off the 2021 Multifamily Women® Summit.

  • Rise Up

    Rosevelt Rawls, 14 year-old international singer/songwriter and ambassador for Childhelp® performs a stunning number during the dinner programming.

  • How Improv Can Help With Everything

    Lyndsay Hailey, Writer/Director, Comedian (iO and The Second City), and Thought Leader joins us for an incredible experience.

    She’s an expert in teaching corporate leaders to embody integrity and communicate authentically with clients and colleagues.

    Lyndsay Hailey is the co-writer of Channing ...

  • Day 2 Opening Remarks

    Carrie Antrim kicks off Day 2 of the 2021 Multifamily Women® Summit.

  • Giving a Damn is Good for You and Your Business

    The future is bright in Multifamily for people that give a damn. Good leadership is about developing strong relationships, supporting and developing other leaders. We will highlight those who really care, are engaged, are involved, and how they manage their daily duties to stay so involved.

  • Taking Control of the Company From A to Z

    How do you take control of a company from A to Z? Leading a company or team requires you to make sudden shifts from marketing meetings, to HR, to discussing financial transactions, and everything in between.

    We will look at the full enterprise of running a company, department, or team. With a st...

  • Women's Influence at the Executive Level and How to Engage Your Teams

    In this session, we dive deep into what executive women are doing to continue to engage their teams and how to walk into any situation and make an impact. From an executive’s perspective, we explore what to do to get back on track.

    There's a segment of this show called “Confession Session” where...

  • Shifting Customer Expectations and How Work Will Change

    hifting customer expectations is changing how we work and lead teams. Women influence 83% of all consumer spending in the United States. Consider how your revenue goals and performance are influenced by women. For new technologies to serve Multifamily, properties and portfolios, products and tech...