2021 Multifamily Investment Summit

2021 Multifamily Investment Summit

The Apartment Industry is facing disruption. There is a shift taking place right now and this event is where Multifamily Investments, Technology, and Innovation converge to position you for successful Multifamily Investing.

The average attendee of our past events has 5 million+ in net-worth/money-in-motion. With that being said, the principals of this event are applicable to any level of wealth.

If you have more questions about Multifamily Investments than you do answers, this event is for you. You will better understand the process and the fees associated with Multifamily Investments. Join us for the Multifamily Industry's Highest Level Investment Summit.

2021 Multifamily Investment Summit
  • Proforma Logic for the Wealthy Multifamily Investor

    Understanding the Multifamily Investment proforma and avoiding pitfalls of assumptions.

  • Financial Engineering Traps Investors Should Watch Out For​

    Wealthy and smart Multifamily investors know that IRR can be manipulated. We take a look at IRR in actual deals as we take a deeper dive on IRR calculations and cash on cash paydowns

  • Leveraging Strategic Relationships

    How Multifamily Investors can leverage relationships with Brokers, CPA’s, Attorneys.

  • Apartment Innovation Strategies

    Smart Multifamily Investors understand the customer. Investors need to understand not only the market, but the residents that are paying those rents. We will look at some innovations taking place in designing the apartment of the future with David Haldi, Founder & President of CredHub https://cre...

  • Using Data to Reduce Bias in Real Estate with John Carlson

    Smart Multifamily investors leverage data to support objective claims about the real estate they purchase. The convergence of technology, data and real estate open opportunities for the smart data driven Multifamily Investor with John Carlson, President at Mark Taylor.

  • Multifamily Investment Outlook

    Daniel Court shares national economic updates and trends while he looks at closer trends in the Arizona market. No speculative predictions about what might happen in the broader economy or any other speculative assumptions that tend to leave you with chance.

  • How To Be An Apartment Syndicator

    The apartment syndication model can be a complex business to operate. In this session, we will show you the things to know before raising money.

  • Why Averages Lie

    Do you want to be average? Do you want average returns? Then why do so many Multifamily Investors accept average calculations in their business plans and projections. With averages, there are outliers in every calculation a Multifamily investor reviews. Learn how to avoid the mistakes of average ...

  • Horizontal Apartment Developments

    The build for rent model, how they are structured, and what areas present opportunities with Steve La Terra, CEO of TerraLane Communities.

  • How to Value Real Estate, Cap Rate vs. Return on Cost

    What metrics do you use when factoring the value of a Multifamily transaction? Are you watching the per unit price climb as strong buyers chase yield? What about replacement cost? We will review different outcomes both favorable and unfavorable for Multifamily Investors with Founder & CEO of The ...

  • Why Investors Should Pay Attention to Secondary Markets

    Multifamily developers share exactly what they are doing right now in the migration to secondary markets

  • How the Capital Stack Works in Private Real Estate

    This session will explore how to organize and structure the capital for Multifamily wealth building strategies. You will leave with a greater understanding and control of debt, equity, mezzanine, preferred returns, and bridge opportunities.

  • Protecting Investor Wealth During Market Downturns

    We explore investor leverage levels in securing financing for Multifamily transactions including reserves, fixed debt, and the capital stack structure with Tanner Bickelhaupt, Founder & CEO of The tanbic Company.