2021 Best Places to Work Multifamily®

2021 Best Places to Work Multifamily®

Multifamily Leadership has announced the official ranking for the 2021 Best Places to Work Multifamily® Program. Winners found out how they ranked at the Multifamily Awards show that was broadcast live for free so every employee of the national top 50 companies had the opportunity to watch and celebrate. Thousands of industry professionals tuned in to cheer each other on and participate in the phenomenal celebration.

The Multifamily Industry, serving apartments and their residents, contributes more than $3.4 trillion to the economy annually, supporting more than 17.5 million jobs. Not only do apartment homes drive jobs that strengthen local communities, individuals and families realize the value of renting as a smart choice in today’s economy.

As CEOs and executive teams create culture and innovation around the resident experience, employee engagement is seen as a key driver to meet multiple challenges. The Best Places to Work Multifamily® program recognizes those companies that have established and consistently fostered outstanding workplace environments.

The rigorous assessment process evaluated each company’s employee policies and procedures as well as responses from the company’s employees. The program is part of a long-term initiative to encourage growth and excellence throughout the Multifamily Apartment Industry and to attract new leaders to the industry.

Patrick Antrim, Founder and CEO of Multifamily Leadership says, “If you want to know if it's a great place to work, you ask the people who work there. Next-generation leaders want to know their company is making a positive impact on the world. They want to know the vision and mission of the organization and that the leaders of the organization are going to drive that mission and vision."

The program also helps companies who want to improve their business. The “Insights Report” is presented to each participating company, even if it did not make the list. The report summarizes employee engagement and satisfaction data, the "Multifamily Leadership Benchmark Report," and the transcript of employee written comments. The report is used by many organizations to make significant improvements in their workplace culture.

The business environment of the 21st century is characterized not just by competition and ever-increasing technologies, but also by a heightened appreciation for the quality of the workplace. In a world of continuously shrinking margins and challenges attracting next-generation workforce, a progressive leadership strategy is critical to creating and sustaining a competitive advantage. One measure of such strategies is the quality of the workplace experience. Indeed, the enhanced awareness of the importance of creating great workplaces is evidenced by the growing body of literature regarding workplace excellence.

Nationally Ranked 2021 Best Places to Work Multifamily®, in order:

The Management Group LLC
Highridge Costa
Veritas Equity Management
The Bascom Group
The REMM Group
Wesley Apartment Homes
Apartment SEO, LLC
Perennial Properties
Keener Management
S2 Capital LLC
ALCO Management, Inc.
Olympus Property
Parcel Pending
The Westover Companies
Gables Residential
Baron Property Services
Fort Family Investments/Perimeter Realty, Inc.
Hankin Apartments
Redwood Capital Group LLC
The Franklin Johnston Group
JVM Realty
Continental Properties
Apartment Dynamics
IMT Residential
Zego (Powered by PayLease)
Fickling Management Services
Gene B. Glick Company
Laramar Group, LLC
Chestnut Hill Realty Corp.
Jones & Jones Communities
RealSource Management
DLP Real Estate Management
Portico Property Management
Karya Property Management
Dasmen Residential
Monument Real Estate Services, LLC.
American Communities
WRH Realty Services, INC.
Northland Investment Corporation
Weller Management
Valiant Residential
Pathlight HOME
For more information about, and to register for, the “Best Places to Work Multifamily®” program, go to www.multifamilyleadership.com

2021 Best Places to Work Multifamily®