2018 Multifamily Leadership Innovation Summit

2018 Multifamily Leadership Innovation Summit

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2018 Multifamily Leadership Innovation Summit
  • The Future of Multifamily Management

    Patrick Antrim, Dale Phillips, Kerry Kirby and Manny Gonzalez are live at the Multifamily Leadership Summit.

    Most people will focus on the obvious technology and in this talk, we will focus on the not so obvious opportunities that will take place in Multifamily. Multifamily Executives must und...

  • The Future of Work in Disrupted Times

    Live from the 2018 Multifamily Leadership Innovation Summit, Terry Danner, Dru Armstrong, Patrick Antrim, Dale Phillips, and Heather Wallace discuss the new technologies that are emerging at a fast pace placing pressures on organizations. These new technologies create changes, opportunities and d...

  • The Journey to a Culture of Innovation

    K.P. Reddy will deliver a keynote on a company’s journey to innovation. He has a culmination of 20 plus years of experience in consulting with startups, enterprises, and Fortune 500 companies. K.P.’s status as a thought leader in the BuiltTech space and his book, BIM for Building Owners and Devel...

  • The Changes and Challenges of Affordable Housing

    This session will explore the changes, challenges, and opportunities that exist for agencies, developers, and the residents they serve to streamline processes with the utilization of technology with Kerry W. Kirby, Manny Gonzalez, and Patrick Antrim.

  • The Future of Smart Home Technology

    We explore how to evaluate and implement new technology to ensure new product investments don’t run flat. We discuss essential skills in the future of work and the impact of the Chief Technology Officer on the changing roles in the Multifamily organization. Featuring Terry Slattery, Sean Miller, ...

  • Making an Impact through Multifamily Success

    Making an impact is a powerful way and productive way for people to change their business and life to achieve multifamily success, featuring Clifford Jones. Surprise guest appearance by the one and only Harvey Mackay.

  • Beating Industry Averages with the Top Drivers of Employee Engagement

    Companies that measure employee engagement experience lower employee turnover cost and higher returns to investor owners. Everyone competes on price, product, location. What is your competitive advantage? Hear from Kristin Magni, Mike Brewer, and Patrick Antrim on this important topic discussed a...