2021 Multifamily Innovation® Summit

2021 Multifamily Innovation® Summit

The summit is focused on managing the apartment of the future, shifting paradigms on the future of leasing, and the power of leveraging people as their last real competitive advantage.

Disruption is happening in more places than you think. And not everyone is ready for change at the same time. Technology moves fast and sometimes we move slow. And it makes sense for certain reasons as sometimes new rollouts can be disruptive.

This summit is for executives that understand that real innovation is about people. It’s about making something better – our business. It always has been. We will explore real-world examples of how leaders are building and scaling their company in this fast-paced dynamic environment.

We are defining an entirely new category of learning that will connect executives with the information they need and the innovative products they need to understand in a much more intimate, intuitive, and fun way than ever before.

2021 Multifamily Innovation® Summit
  • It's Not About Bringing New Technology To The Game, Let's Change The Game

    The products that are being built today are being built for human beings. How do you lease an apartment without depending on a human being?

    In this interview with Kerry Kirby, Founder & CEO of 365 Connect we dive into these topics and more.

  • Make Paying Rent a Priority: Solve the Challenges with Post-Move-Out Collections

    Join David Haldi, President at Credhub as we discover how to train residents to make paying rent a priority while solving the challenges with post-move-out collection programs. Learn how to put money back in the bottom line that you would normally write off. Once the eviction moratorium is let up...

  • How Do We Create an Experience Residents Never Want to Leave?

    In this interview with Daryl Smith, Sr. VP & Chief Marketing Officer at Kettler, we focus on reimagining the digital interactions we have with customers, the architecture, tools we need to meet milestones. We talk about differentiation on experience. How do we create an experience residents never...

  • The State of Multifamily Tech

    Multifamily has been historically a very low-risk asset class but Multifamily Operators today face new challenges, risks they've never experienced before.

    Join us with Nick Durham, Senior Associate at Shadow Ventures as we look at the State of Multifamily Technology and the new challenges facin...

  • The Psychological Impact of a Vibrant Community

    This talk featuring Fatima Dicko, Founder & CEO of Sugar https://www.sugarliving.com will focus on the future of resident engagement, the future of amenities, and the resident engagement's impact on lease renewal and resident satisfaction.

  • Investments at Different Stages of the Apartment Lifecycle

    A review of venture capital investments being made in different stages of the apartment lifecycles.

    We will focus on Pre Occupancy, during resident occupancy, impact to our workflows, and then Financial Services with Tom Spahn, Vice President of Camber Creek.